Discover the Immunity to Change and grow beyond yourself

„If there would be only one thing I could change about myself, what would be the one thing that would have the greatest positive impact on me and my life?“

The Change Pod starts with this question - a learning program designed to help you make progress toward your most important developmental goal!

Many change efforts fail. We see this in Organizations and it is true for personal projects as well. Sometimes it is like we are having one foot on the gas – and at the same time there seems to be one foot on the brake at the same time. Despite our best intentions we are not making the desired progress. We move in circles or we get stuck.

In the Change Pod you can learn a new approach to change. Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey have discovered that there is a psychic immune system at place that is keeping us away from the change we want to make. You will learn to discover an Immunity to Change and work with well structured exercises to overcome it. While learning you will make progress on a goal that is meaningful to you.

A new way of learning

The Change Pod is an online learning program that combines workshops, peer learning and your personalized workout. We focus on mindset development woven in our day to day actions. With awareness based practice, experiments and reflective dialogue you experience new thinking, new emotions and new ways to act. We work together as a group while everybody is focused on the personal journey supported by your buddies.

You grow your growing capability and learn effective techniques to use beyond the program for new goals to come.

Making change happen

Since 2013 we work with the Immunity to Change approach in coaching, with teams and large groups. The program has been externally evaluated and former participants recommend wholehearted to join. What do they say?

David took part in the Change Pod and talks about what he has learned. David holds a leadership position in an international organization.

What is included:

  • 6 Online Workshops
  • A change diary with instructions designed for your continues learning
  • Support through your buddy group once a week at a date of your choice
  • In case you cannot make it to a workshop there will be something that will help you move forward!

The Change Pod can be the seed for a new relationship to the change that has been hard previously. The learning journey can be an engine that will move you in new ways.

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Sara and Johannes Willms are certified coaches in the Immunity to Change approach by Lisa Lahey and Bob Kegan.