Coaching According To The Immunity To Change Approach

The Immunity-to-Change approach was developed by the Harvard psychologist Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey-Laskow. willms.coaching is the pioneer of this approach in Germany, which sets new standards worldwide.

Sometimes with regard to change, we have "one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake". It's not that we don't want to change or lack the will power; we have tried to change, perhaps many times, but without success.

You can make astounding success on concerns that are central to you using the Immunity-to-Change process. You will recognize the hidden patterns that keep you from making the changes that are really important.

Our coaching will help you transform these unpleasant problems into good challenges. Frequently our clients find that a key development issue is implied by their improvement goal. Together with your our coaching can help you your long-term development challenges and achieve the goal you've set.

We are trained by the founders of the approach: Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Johannes Willms is the first certified coach in Germany for the Immunity to Change approach.

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Sara & Johannes Willms are certified coaches