The Change Pod - Growing Beyond Myself

„If there was be only one thing I could change about myself, what would be the one that would have the greatest positive impact on me and my life?“

The Change Pod starts with this question - a learning program designed to help you achieve your most important developmental goal and much more!

We have put our best knowledge into this learning program. For several years we have been implementing it in companies, in leadership development and in the development of cooperation. We have had the learning program evaluated by external scientist. The results are convincing. And even more important, participants report that it improves their personal life and is also a lot of fun.

David took part in the Change Pod and talks about what he has learned. David holds a global leadership position in an international organization.

Get to know a new approach to personal development. Bring that change into your life that you want!

In many change projects it’s like having one foot on the gas and one on the break. We want to change and at the same time something is holding us back. The Change Pod combines the Immunity to Change Approach of Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lacey with the Dialogic Gestalt Approach for integral learning. The program consists of online workshops, buddy meetings and exercises you do in your everyday life. We will take a step-by-step approach together, which will give you momentum for your project. Additionally, every week you have the opportunity to exchange with others learners in the Change Lounge and get help from professional coaches.

Join one of the free webinars and find out what makes learning so special and what it can mean for you. You can also find a description of the Change Pod in the brochure on the right.

Let yourself be surprises what good things can happen to you!

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Here you can ask questions, request more information or register right away. LINK

Sara and Johannes Willms are certified coaches for to the Immunity to Change approach of Lisa Lahey and Bob Kegan.