Discover a quick and easy way to understand your management culture!

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey ™ identifies the gap between your current management culture and the leadership culture you want. It can also measure how the management culture in your organization or team compares with other organizations and teams. Based on a common theoretical background, the results of the Culture Survey and the Leadership Circle Profile can be seamlessly integrated into each other and are mutually illuminating.

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey gives you a constructive and rational way to improve your team's performance. It is affordable, internet-based, user-friendly and the results are easily understandable. You can create a comprehensive and accurate leadership assessment in the time it takes to go to lunch, identifying the characteristics of leadership in your team so you are able to address the necessary changes.

How the Leadership Culture Survey helps:

  • establishes evidence-based grounds for change
  • focuses on issues of leadership development
  • makes cultural changes understandable, even in the context of takeovers, mergers or restructuring.
  • links up measures of leadership with productivity, profit, revenue and other factors which make up the bottom line