Learn Lead Change

Learn, Lead, Change is the program for executives and management teams who want to lead change within their companies. It strengthens each individual manager's ability to learn and helps the team to determine the course of its development together.

Learn Lead Change is tailor-made to your situation - and brings into play a powerful, well-proven learning architecture. The program uses the Immunity-to-Change approach of Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey that links the individual executive development with the collective development of the company.

The program begins with the individual manager. What does the individual need to learn to successfully make changes? The resulting knowledge will then be applied to the team and the entire company.

The managers learn to recognize hidden patterns that stand in the way of change. What mechanisms need to be in place to enable successful change? How can the team analyze barriers to change and make adjustments?

Enjoy our special offer of up to one hour of free consultation to see how Learn Lead Change can give your company a strategic advantage over the competition.

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