Make Strategic Growth Possible

What do we do in the face of an uncertain future? How can we chart a path for the next three years or beyond? How should we successfully position our organization? What is our best answer to these questions as a leadership team? What resources do we need to move beyond our functional roles and to work as a real team?

Groups don't become effective leadership teams by chance and not as a result of day-to-day management. Management teams can use external support to learn how to get the best out of themselves. This is especially true if they want to overcome existing barriers, make progress on difficult issues or shape the long-term future of the company. Support can take a various forms. Our services are designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Perhaps we are being asked to plan a meeting from start to finish. We work with our clients to determine the objectives of the meeting and design your organization to achieve the desired results. At times we accompany the team for a period of time in order to better understand their thinking and to prepare for a synthesis at a new level.

Sometimes we take on the role of facilitator. For example, the meeting has been planned. With our help, every team member can concentrate 100% on his task without worrying about the process or the results. At other times our clients want us to be actively involved in the process. We provide impetus to extend the limits of current thinking or to propose ideas for generating new solutions. We can combine different stages of this work over time and support the team in expanding their own abilities to think and work together on difficult issues.

Leadership Culture

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“In my three plus years of working with Johannes he consistently helps our executives resolve the toughest issues getting in the way of rapid growth and profitability. In addition, Johannes helps us focus on the areas needed to sustain our momentum – leadership effectiveness, team dynamics and personal development.” Emil B., Global VP Organizational Effectiveness