Johannes Willms

Johannes Willms is an executive coach who works with leaders committed to their development. He counts among his international clients; chief executives in various fields like healthcare, logistics, bio and chemical industry, food & nutrition and manufacturing. He also works for leaders in the public sector and education as well as middle managers in all varieties of functions. The coaching Johannes provides supports personal and professional development, helping to realize a new quality in leadership, leading to more personal satisfaction and better bottom line results.

Johannes started his career with communication training and personal development in the health care system where the stakes were high and crises is the daily business. He worked for medical associations and shared his knowledge for the education of medical students at the university in Goettingen. Communication is still a major topic in his work helping his clients turning tough challenges into meaningful conversations. He learned Dialog based Coaching from his Mentors Dr. Martina Gremmler-Fuhr and Dr. Reinhard Fuhr who are pioneers of transformative learning and developmental consulting.

The interest in Leadership began early during his studies at university. In his master thesis he created a model for leadership development bringing the perspectives of psychology, organizational studies and the science of education together. His special interest was how the collective development in the organization and the individual development of the leader influence each other and how the way people think about leadership impacts what they end up doing as a leader. After 15 years of experience he can still relate to this first research and finds the theme in his professional practice.

Clients report that the work with Johannes is challenging and humorous at the same time. Results surpass the expectations. The work is dedicated to reach the Number One improvement goal. Often leaders start with the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Feedback to get a full picture of their leadership. Through the coaching the clients learn how unconscious patterns keep them away from the outcomes they would like to create. Johannes guides through well-structured, logical exercises. The client learns how to uncover and overcome deep rooted limiting patterns. As an outcome they describe a new way of leading, a more effective way that feels fresh and light.

Since 2009 Johannes works with the Leadership Circle Profile in different countries and cultures. Johannes translated the Assessment into German language and is providing follow-up coaching for leaders and teams. He learned Immunity to Change Coaching from Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey in Cambridge MA. Johannes is a certified Immunity to Change Coach since 2013.

Johannes Willms


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