Successful Communication in Difficult Situations

Complicated negotiations, crisis situations, critical feedback - what is a difficult conversation?
 What is difficult for one person may not be difficult for the other. But all difficult conversations have something in common.
 This intensive communication training goes to the core of the issue and will help you master even the most difficult situations.

The training builds on the basic contents of the Harvard Negotiation Project and incorporates them into an interactive approach. You will learn a professional, authentic communication style that has proved successful in professional life and in extremely difficult conversations. This training promotes the respectful interaction of people with each other and turns difficult situations into occasions for joint learning and development. Participants will learn to conduct conversations that are results-oriented and to achieve their goals, even in complex situations.

In three successive seminars, participants analyze conversations and get to know the hidden mechanisms that frustrate successful interpersonal communication. In intensive exercises, techniques are tested to help participants in difficult conversations. Participants will learn how they affect others, and how they can improve their conversations to achieve their communication goals. The group of three successive seminars combines intensive learning in the group with training "on-the-job" to achieve the desired effect.